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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have computer requirements?
Yes! Since we use Microsoft .Net security technology, we prefer you use Internet Explorer. Also things may look different from it's original design if you use other browsers such as Netscape Navigator.
Do I require a prescription?
Yes! Just like your local pharmacy, we require a valid prescription from a physician licensed to practice in your area of residence.
Are Canadian drugs the same quality as U.S. drugs?
Yes. Canada, like the U.S., has very strict regulations on the manufacturing of drugs for sale to the public. The FDA strictly governs the quality of drugs in the U.S. as does the equivalent government agency in Canada, called the TPD (Therapeutics Products Directorate) that operates under Health Canada. Some drugs sold in Canada are actually manufactured in the U.S. and are just re-packaged for sale to the Canadian division of the American company. Generic medications are all manufactured in Canada under Canada's stringent requirements. For further information, you can access the Canadian governement's website at Health Canada.
Are there any drugs that I can't purchase from your website?
Yes, you can NOT purchase narcotics (i.e. codeine, morphine) or controlled drugs (i.e. Ritalin®, Valium®, Ativan®, androgen steroids...) from us. Also, there are some medications in the U.S. that are not marketed in Canada.
Can you fill a prescription from an American doctor?
Yes we can - once a Canadian doctor has reviewed the medical history you have submitted to us, and has approved the prescription under his/her Canadian license. 
Is there a dispensing fee charged for each prescription?
Yes. There is a straight US$8 for each order placed. That is to say, no matter your order is $1 or $10,000, the dispensing charge is fixed at US$8.
Is there a limit on how much I can buy?
YES. You can purchase up to a maximum of 3 month supply on each of your medications for which we have a valid prescription. This is due to the import policies put in place by the FDA. If your physician writes a prescription for more than 3 months, we can refill your prescription at 3 month intervals as required.
How do I pay for my order?
We accept Visa, Master, American Express, Discover card. We also accept certified cheques or money orders (which must be verified before the order can be shipped). Personal cheques and postal money orders are also acceptable but will take the longest time to clear, hence the time line set here is not applicable to personal cheques and postal money orders.
How much is the shipping?
Each order will have a $8.95 U.S. shipping charge, plus another $8.95 U.S. postage charge. You may include more than one prescription in each order. Prescriptions for your husband/wife may be included in the same shipment, provided they were ordered at the same time and we have their permission.
How long will it take to ship my order?
Once we have your fully completed patient profile and valid prescription, your order may take up to 1 week to process and 7 business days for delivery.
Will you accept my insurance?
We issue valid pharmacy receipts with each drug purchase, but you will need to consult with your insurance company directly for information on their policies. They may or may not accept out of country pharmcies who have an address in Washington State. From our perspective, we have specially designed a co-payment program for insured people to help their deductibles. The purpose is to benefit policy holders most. For more details, click the Get 10% co-payment assistance here button when you check out. We apology of not being able to put it here since we don't want our competitors to emulate our business strategies.
Why do some drugs have different names in Canada?
These are trade or brand names registered by the manufacturers. Often you will see different trade names in different countries. The medications have the same active ingredients, but may look different and and have a different trade name. For example Prilosec (US) is known as Losec in Canada; Augmentin (US) is known as Clavulin in Canada.
Are all American medications available in Canada?
NO. Not all drugs available in the United States are available in Canada. However, we do have the majority of them.
Why do the pills I received look different than the ones I get from my local pharmacy?
The same brand name pill may look slightly different in Canada than it does in the US. For example, Celexa 20MG is a peach colored pill in the US, yet the Canadian pill is white and a little bit smaller than the US pill. Both pills are Celexa 20MG with the same active ingredient, and the same manufacturer makes both. However, the manufacturer has decided to make the Canadian pill a different color. As well, if you are used to brand name pills and you have ordered a Generic from us, the pills we send you will look different. Generic pills do not look the same as the brand name products, even though they have the same active ingredient. Lastly, when comparing 2 different generics, they will look different if 2 different companies make them.
What if I need to return my order?
The B.C. College of Pharmacists states that once a medication has left the pharmacy, it cannot be returned for any reason - Bylaw 5 (33. subsection 1). Shipping charges can only be refunded if the return is due to our error. All returns must be accompanied by the packing slip. After a returned item has been received, it will take 1-2 weeks to process the return. If using a credit card, refunds will be credited to your account. If paying by money order, a credit is placed on your account.
If I don't see my prescription medication on your price list, does that mean you don't carry it?
No.  The pharmacy carries a much broader selection of prescription medications than those listed. If you do not see the drug that you are looking for, please click the "Contact Us" tab on top of this screen and write us an email there.
What do you do with my personal information?
Only authorized employees of our company will view the personal information you give us for the purpose of completing your order. We do not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others. We adhere to Canada's strict regulations on privacy including the Privacy Health Information Act.

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