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Thank you for your interest in our prescription service! We are one of the world's most automated online pharmacy. You will enjoy the most convenient e - drug shopping experience when shopping here. You don't have to read this Howto to use our system. Everything is intuitive and formated in a way that you don't even need to think for a choice.

We need your prescription  The uttermost help we need from you is your prescription. With a prescription, we can even do the shopping for you free of charge. On the other hand, without a prescription, we can not do anything for you even though you have placed your order. You may send your precription by yourself or you may ask your doctor to send it to us.

Prescription submitting method. You can submit your prescription either by mail , or by fax . However, the preferred way is to hand in your prescription electronically using our online submitting system . To use our online submitting system, go to "Return Client", then click "Submit Prescription" on your left.

The following description will give you a sense of what it's like if you are a new user or a returned customer.

If you are a new user of our website, you can either choose to register first by clicking the "Return Client" tab, or you can choose to shop first and register later. To start shopping, click "Check Prices" tab on the top. When you find a product, click "Add To Cart" button to select the product.

Repeat the above step to choose all the products you need. When you finish and approach to check out by clicking  , you will be asked to register. 
  The registration contains 3 easy steps 

Step 1 requires you to fill out contact information (name, address, etc.).

Step 2 asks you to fill out your doctor's contact information as well as you medical history. Your medical history is a Yes/No questionnaire style survey, please kindly provide us details if you click any Yes buttons.

Step 3 is a Customer Agreement form. Please carefully read and click the Accept button if you accept our terms. If you don't accept our term, simply click the "Cancel my registration" button. All the information you have just entered in step 1 and 2 will be deleted.

Once you click the Accept button in step 3, you have finished registration and will be sent back to your shopping cart. 

After you have registered, you can from now on log on by clicking the "Returned Client" tab. And from there you can enjoy all our nice free services such as medical records store / retrieve, historic order retrieve, physician contact information add / edit, your own personal contact information add / edit. These are our free gifts, we hope you enjoy them.

If you are a return client and want to refill your prescription.
You can click the "Return Client" tab to log on. Then you click the "View Order History" tab on your left hand side to retrieve all your historical orders. A summary table of all orders is displayed.

Click the "Show details" link beside each order to view its details. After you click, the system will bring you to the detail table, in which all the details of a specific order are displayed. To refill this prescription, you can simply click the "Renew this order" button. 

Every item in this order is then put inside your shopping cart, where you can add, delete or modify any items. And from where you can just shop as if it were normally.
If you are a return client and want to place a new order. You can choose
  • Either to log on first by clicking the "Return Client" tab, so that you can pick up the items you have left inside your shopping cart 10 days ago;
  • Or you can choose to shop first as a new user and postpone the log on until checking out. 
Trouble shooting yourself. 
This is a highly automated system, you can use it with confidence and not to worry about missing out anything. The system will automatically ask for them when it needs them.

A typical example would be when in registration step 2 and you don't have your doctor's contact info at hand to fill the "Physician Information" part. You can simply continue on with other operations and ignore step 2. Don't worry, we will remember it for you.

When you check out, we will ask everything we need that you have missed out. So the latest time you can delay in giving us your information is when you check out. On the other hand, since you know the checkout is the crux place all information meet, you can take advantage of this by using the checkout as an entrance if you don't know where to start to edit / add information. Just remember before you click that red button, nothing is too late and everything is editable.

Safe online shopping
  • For any page that contains your information, we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) communication technology. Data passed back and forth between your computer and our site is secured by using public key cryptography. Your computer exchanges key information with our computers to create a private conversation that only your computer and our systems can understand.
  • To prevent someone else illegally using your credit card, when the card details are entered, we will perform a check with our payment provider. They will check several things and request a test payment from your card issuer. If this is refused then we are not able to accept the card. We don't have detailed information as to why a card has been refused. Please contact your card issuer or Bank.

  Finally, please bear in mind that the most advanced computer system in the world can detect only the ones that are missing, but not the ones that are wrongfully input.

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