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Buy prescription drugs from Canada

Prescription drugs in Canada are on average 20% to 80% cheaper than that in America. The main reason is Canada has a universal health care plan. Canadian government hence has much bigger bargaining power over the drug manufactuers when they come together to negotiate a price. In addition, Canada has a price control system. The Patented Medicine Prices Review Board, a quasi-judicial body of the government created in 1987, reviews pharmaceutical prices and enacts caps for patented drugs and medicines prices.
Another reason drugs are cheaper in Canada is the low Canadian dollar.  With each Canadian dollar 25% below that of the US greenback, Canadian products are more attractive. This explains the huge current account trading surplus between the two countries.
Furthermore, drug companies are not allowed to market their products directly to consumers in Canada. While on the other hand, since 1997, drug companies have been allowed the so-called direct-to-consumer marketing in the US, which costs over $3.8 billion a year in advertising, (an amount more than companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola and Cadbury Schweppes spend combined each year to sell their soft drinks). And this cost is straightly passed on to the consumer.

We are even cheaper than Canada's Safeway!  

Safeway is one of Canada's, as well as North America west coast's, biggest grocery store chain. Our prices listed here are 10% lower below that in Canada's Safeway. That means you save 10% more on top of the 20% - 80% savings you already have by simply shopping in Canada.
Let's take some serious consideration between us and one of the US's biggest drug store - Walgreen
Medication Qty USCanPharmacy Walgreens* Saving Yearly
Celebrex 100mg 100 $68.75 $180.32 62% $446.28
Glucophage 850mg 100 $30.67 $145.99 79% $461.28
Lipitor 20mg 90 $198.00 $296.40 33% $393.60
Nexium 20mg 84 $194.40 $362.14 46% $670.96
Prevacid 15mg 100 $220.00 $419.97 48% $799.88
Zocor 20mg 100 $220.00 $399.97 45% $719.88
* Walgreen's pricing quoted at on July 20th, 2004. Prices subject to change without notice.
+ All prices in US dollar.
If you have insurance coverage for prescription drugs , you will save even more! Our price structure is designed to benefit the insurees: the less co-payment you have, the more benefit you will enjoy. In the case you have 100% insurance coverage, you will benefit the most.

How do we set the price so low?

There are several reasons we are more competitive than the Safeway:
1. We are one of North America's most automated Internet pharmacy. We have applied some of the latest information technologies to improve efficiency and cut cost. Further, we don't have too much real estate overhead expenses as Canada's Safeway does.
2. We batch process orders. That means unlike Safeway, whose pharmacists seat in the store 16 hours per day, 7 days a week waiting for customers to come in, our professionals batch process the orders you have submitted on the previous day. Depending on your requirement and our discretion, our professionals may contact either you or your physician within 48 hours from the time you place your order. This batch processing allows us to put savings directly back to your pocket.

Centralized medical record storage

Finally the first time in history, you have your own personal centralized, electronic formatted medical record storage. You can scan your paper based medical records such as prescriptions into your computer and upload them into our highly secured deposit cache. Immediately after uploading, you are the true owner of these invaluable, sometimes life saving information 24 / 7 /365 anywhere in the world.
In addition, you can save your physicians' contact information with us. (We require at least one). No matter how many family doctors you have changed in your life time, you can always retrieve your old doctor's info and introduce them to your new doctors. They can serve you better by communicating better. This can be important considering the number of medical accidents happened each year that are caused by miscommunication.

Safe payment solutions

We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Microsoft .Net Security technology to safeguard any page that may contain your information. Furthermore, our payment service meets all of the following industry standard: American Express DSPO, Discover DISC, Master Card SDP, Visa AIS and Visa CIPS.
All these value added, unique services are free of charge for our customers, this is our appreciation for your business. Now you can travel around the world free of worry, as you know if you have emergent medical need, you can always rely on us for your medical record. (What was that drug name again? )

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